Complete Guide to Watersports, Golden Showers & Piss Play

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When we’re talking about watersports we’re not talking about jet-skis… “golden showers” or piss-play have become more popular in recent years, so if you’re thinking of ‘diving in’ then we’ve got everything you need to know right here.


Before we get into the fun stuff – just a quick word on keeping things safe.

Watersports is all the more fun when you’re well hydrated, as there’s more to come out. We’d always recommend to stay hydrated, but this is especially important if you are going to be drinking any pee.

Speaking of drinking pee – certain drugs and medications can remain in pee, so try and avoid taking any recreational drugs or partaking in watersports while on strong medication. Also Hepatitis B can be passed through urine, so be sure to know your partner’s status.

Broaching the subject

Communicating your interest in watersports to a partner can be a bit of a tricky subject. Watersports is different from say trying anal sex, in that you can’t really ‘put just a finger in’ and see how it goes… It’s also still viewed by main as somewhat taboo.

What’s probably best here is just communicating to your partner clearly about what you what – let him / her know you have a kinky request, they are free to decline, but if they are interested or at least no opposed then you’d like to talk further.

Assuming they aren’t opposed then move on to discussing limits – for example while you may be happy to take pee in your mouth, they might not be – and might only want to have the lower part of their body involved. Discussing limits beforehand will make sure the act goes much more smoothly.

Playing alone?

Don’t have a partner, or don’t have a partner who wants to indulge in waterports with you? That’s not necessarily a problem.

Watersports can be enjoyed solo – there’s nothing stopping you peeing on youself, and a lot of the tips in this article apply just as well to someone enjoying watersports on their own as to couples.

Just want to watch?

One of the first things you need to think about is just how involved you want to be. There are several levels of involvement:

Just watching

You just want to watch your partner use the toilet, without any touching or exchange of fluids.

This is a good entry point to the world of watersports, and can help both partners feel more at-ease with going to the toilet in front of the other – don’t forget some people can be a little pee-shy – so may need some warming up.

As it’s only one person going, this could be as simple as watching your partner use the toilet, watching them go in the shower, or even pee outdoors.

Giving / receiving

If you’ve watched – and liked what you see – then perhaps it’s time to start getting involved. The next step up is to take or receive pee on your body (or both!) – as mentioned earlier be sure to discuss beforehand where you are happy to receieve the pee – some people may not want it in their hair / faces for example.


The next step up is to take the pee directly in your mouth. This might be a step to far for some, or something extremely erotic for others – go as far as you’re happy.

Whilst some people may be happy with just taking the pee in their mouth then spitting it out, some may want to drink it all up! You be you, go as far as you like.

Internal Pee

A step further is peeing inside of someone – so peeing while inside your partner’s anus for example. This is quite advanced and something you’d want to take all possible health precautions for, as well as going slowly.

Making a mess

Some people pee a lot, some pee a little – either way there’s going to be pee involved in watersports.

We’d always recommend to do you watersports somewhere you can easily clean up – the bath or the shower are natural choices here.

However if you don’t have the space in these, or just feel like doing it somewhere else, then make sure you have plenty of towels available to soak up any extra pee – the last thing you want is to have to sleep on a wet mattress.

Of course if you have enough privacy – outside is also an option. Be aware of any local laws of course.


The classic “golden shower”

One partner kneels, sits or lies down in front of the other – the standing partner thinks watery thoughts and pees on the other. The receiving partner may want to masturbate while getting wet, or may wish to rub the pee over themselves – communcation here helps as partners can discuss what they would like to see each other doing during the act.

Peeing your pants

Perhaps not a poisition per-se, but some people enjoy watching people take a pee through their clothes, sometimes with a dynamic of loosing control (peeing their pants). Again this is something to discuss with your partner, and you may want to buy some cheap clothes online to use specially for the occadion.

The human toilet

While the name can be somewhat offputting, the act itself can be quite erotic.

The receiving partner sits with their head directly underneath the giving partner, as if they were the toilet – and lets the partner go onto them. There is bondage furniture available to make this position easier (essentially either a chair with the seat removed, or a chair with a toilet seat for a seat) that the giver sits upon and the receiver sits underneath.

Watering the tree

In this position the gentleman lies down with the female partner either sitting on his legs, or squatting above his genitals. From here she pees directly onto his penis.

This can also be tried with him hard and inside her vagina, with her peeing on him while sitting on him cowboy-style – however this can be somewhat difficult for her to achieve.

End to end

Both partners sit with their gentials touching and pee over each other – either both at the same time, or taking turns.

Watersports & BDSM

Some people like watersports just because – whereas some like the power exchange element of it. There is certainly something dominant / submissive about peeing on / getting peed on.

This can take it’s place in BSDM with the watersports taking the form of a punishment (or even a reward!). For example if the sub has been bad, they have to drink all the dom’s pee. Or they could perform a service of licking the dom clean after watching them use the toilet, and receieve a reward.

Some go as far as wanting to become a “toilet slave”, although you have to be quite a big fan for this.


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